Regain Happiness and Live a Fulfilling Life


Are you experiencing difficulties in your marriage

Are you worried your partner is no longer invested in your relationship

Do you need professional and spiritual guidance to help you through this difficult time?

Living in a troubled marriage is devastating for both you and your family.  When you are having marriage difficulties, you may be experiencing...

  • Frequent arguments with your partner
  • Uncomfortable living environment
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Worry for your children’s future

Though you may feel as if you are trapped in a dissatisfying marriage, there is hope.

Divorce Proof Marriage (DPM) is designed to offer you the spiritual and professional tools and resources you need to rebuild your marriage and live the life God wants for you.

At DPM, you’ll find 3 unique services to help you on your journey to a happy marriage…

Online Seminars

Our unique online seminars the perfect solution for couples who are...

  • Unable to travel
  • Have limited time
  • Prefer to learn in a group setting

Online seminars are 1 hour in length and will guide you and your partner through the information you need to find the joy in your marriage.  You can choose which seminars you’d like to attend so you can solely focus on your specific needs.

Workshops and Conferences

Our professional workshops and conference are designed for...

  • Churches and conference/retreat organizers
  • Group learning environments
  • Offering attendees with valuable marriage and relationship revitalizing programs

These insightful workshops can be tailored to your community’s needs, time and availability.  DPM professionals will come directly to your church or conference, so you never have to worry about the burdens associated with traveling.

Pastoral Counseling

Our individualized pastoral counseling services are the ultimate solution for couples who…

  • Need one-on-one support
  • Are unable to travel
  • Have access to a computer or smart phone

Sessions in this service are available in 1 hour or 4 hour blocks, with discounted rates available.  With pastoral counseling services, you’ll get the guidance you need with God’s wisdom. 

To reserve the service of your choice or to find out more information, please call us at (614) 448-1825 or fill out the contact form below.

We look forward to helping you find peace in your marriage and live the life you deserve.

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