The number of individuals who are connecting with our ministry is growing every day. 

Wow! Are you folks passionate.  We love your enthusiasm and passion for helping hurting families to love easier and live better. 

Many of you are doing your part to help end divorce in America.  Buying extra copies of our books to give to your friends and family members who are struggling in their marriages.  Sharing your story with others. Using your social media to help us get the word out.

That is why we have created Fan Resources to give you the tools so your passion can go boundless.

Fan Resources includes:

  • Facebook banners
  • Desktop wallpapers
  • Book samples
  • T-Shirts
  • Radio ads
  • Photos
  • Cartoon images

Just visit our Resources page and download what fits your needs.  Feel free to post them all over the internet and share them with friends.

Also, visit our store to buyer some of the goods below.